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Since 2018

Open Garage began as a way to get to know our neighbours beyond just a friendly wave in the street.

The real kicker was when one of our neighbours, Bob, came over one day and told us his wife had recently passed away. We felt terrible and so disconnected from the person who shares the very same garden fence as we do.

So on a drive one day not long after, we decided to open up our garage, lay out some trestle tables, serve some tea  and home baked cakes, and call it Open Garage.

Anyone and everyone is welcome.

Initially we thought it would be a great way to get to know our community. But the vibrant idea of Open Garage soon took on a shape of its own, welcoming people from beyond our 5048 postcode.

Open Garage has grown into a little personality all its own. We feel we are simply spectators on this journey.

It is a great privilege for us to be able to share Open Garage with every person who comes through our Garage door.

Open Garage is a success not because of the amount of love our family puts into it, but because of everyone else involved.

From the champions at B3 who set up their delicious pop up coffee, to Kirsty and her team who style Open Garage and make it look so cozy.

Most importantly, to each and every person who brings something to share.

It’s these people who make Open Garage a success.

Thank you!

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A welcoming space for our community to come together, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, a slice of cake and a chat with friends and neighbours.


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© 2020 Open Garage Open Garage | Site by SLD
© 2020 Open Garage Open Garage | Site by SLD
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